Design-led Parent-Child Communication Support for Developing Childrens Consumption Habits

DURATION 2022.09-2022.12
ROLE Ideation, Data Collection & Analysis, Product-Service Design
COLLABORATORS Child & Family Experts
DESIGN TOOLS Crazy 8’s, SCAMPER, Mood Board, Story Board, System Maps, Blue Print, Co-design Workshop, Service Prototyping

BACKGROUND. Nowadays, children are exposed to a multitude of consumption channels. This has led them to become active participants in the consumer market, requiring them to make choices and have responsibility. However, due to their developmental stage, children often struggle with delayed gratification, self-control, and financial concepts. These can result in unhealthy consumption habits. This project explores these issues and proposes a solution: the Honey Consumption App.

DESIGN CHALLENGES. We conducted a study survey involving 31 parent-child pairs (grades 2-3), and semi-structured interviews with four pairs to understand consumption behavior, parent-child communication, and impulse-buying tendencies. The analysis revealed three key challenges: Parents’ Allowance Method, the Lack of Children’s Planned Consumption Experience, and One-Sided Communication between Children and Parents.

DESIGN OPPORTUNITIES. This project aimed to create an intervention that facilitates smooth parent-child communication regarding consumption plans and outcomes and educate parents on child consumer development through economic initiatives.

DESIGN APPROACH. A prototype, functioning as a cultural probe, was developed. We conducted a 14-day home user test with 5 parent-child pairs. This user testing allowed us to refine the design based on participant feedback and assess its effectiveness.

DESIGN CONCEPT. The Honey Consumption App is a mobile service connected to a “honey consumption plan”. This plan serves as a springboard for conversations between parents and children about consumption goals and past spending habits. The app boasts several features: Honey Consumption Plan Use – The app allows users to store and track their honey consumption plans. Parent Community – The app offers a dedicated community space for parents to share experiences and advice related to children’s consumption. Educational Resources – The app provides access to expert knowledge on child consumer development. These features aim to improve parent-child communication around consumption, leading to reduced conflict and children’s healthier spending habits.

DESIGN EVALUATION. Following the home user tests, we conducted follow-up surveys and semi-structured interviews to assess the impact on children’s consumption behavior and parent-child communication. Both parents and children reported increased communication about spending and positive changes in children’s consumption habits.

DESIGN IMPACT. The Honey Consumption App’s functionalities can be adapted for broader financial applications designed for children. The design process for this mobile service was presented at the HCI Korea conference.