TWO-GATHER, a Toy Kit for Imagination and Creativity

PRIMARY FUNCTION. Two-Gather is a portmanteau of “two” and “gather,” reflecting its core function. Each wooden piece depicts a bisected animal with embedded magnets. This allows users to disassemble and combine them freely, creating fantastical creatures like centaurs and griffins.

BACKGROUND. In today’s information-saturated world, readily available content can stifle creativity. Two-Gather aims to combat this by offering an open-ended play experience that fosters imagination.

DESIGN OPPORTUNITIES. We sought to encourage creativity through the act of “combining familiar animals to create new creatures.” This unexpected merging of animal characteristics sparks a sense of discovery and fuels imagination. Using animals with diverse features, Two-Gather empowers everyone to imagine and build unique creatures.

UNIQUE PROPERTIES, PROJECT DESCRIPTION. Two-Gather offers a magical experience, fosters free imagination, and provides diverse play possibilities. First, Magical Moments. Disassembling and combining Two-Gather’s magnetic wooden pieces fosters a sense of wonder as users discover new animal forms. The exposed magnets seamlessly blend with the wood, enhancing the user’s experience of magnetism within the toy. Second, Free Imagination. Users can freely imagine and create unique animals. The components also facilitate various play styles, including building imaginary creatures, matching animals, and role-playing. Lastly, Versatile use. Beyond imaginative play, Two-Gather’s beautiful maple wood with its soft texture and unique design makes it a charming decorative object for the home.

EXHIBITION. Two-Gather was selected by 40 young designer promoters at the Seoul Design Festival and showcased at the COEX center. The exhibition space mirrored the concept of a “two-color jungle,” an environment inhabited by mysterious plants and creatures. Divided into blue, green, and yellow hues, the space echoed Two-Gather’s bi-animal theme and offered separate areas for interactive exploration and display. This unique environment, combined with Two-Gather itself, encouraged visitors to tap into their imagination and create original animals.